Our Cause:

We explore significant ancient locations (click here to view our destinations map) with the aim to spread knowledge. We also believe in contributing to the places we visit. We plan to build libraries and schools in areas that are in need, and to include educational grants for children who otherwise would not have access to obtain higher learning. We believe that creating a cycle of education for these children allows us to tangibly invest in the future of our world.


Amish and Puja’s mission is to explore the history of our ancient past to make an impact on today’s and tomorrow’s world. Their mission took off when Amish acted on his intrigue of Dvaraka (dwarka) (click here to watch), which he had learned of extensively throughout his religious Hindu upbringing. Dvaraka’s historical significance is that it may predate what we currently know as the oldest city known to man! It then became clear to them that there were many cities like this, and that this was just the beginning of their mission as Ancient Explorers.

Message from the founders:


My fascination with ancient civilizations, lost cities and the exotic locales in encyclopedia Britannica started when I was a child growing up in my small suburban town in New Jersey. I longed for the freedom to explore the most far-off corners of the planet, but not as your average digicam-packing Joe Tourist! What I wanted was nothing less than to dig up the wisdom, stories and treasures buried by the sands of time. Because something has always told me, even before I could legally board a flight on my own, that our past holds the key to overcoming the challenges of our present and future.

This for me has always been about more than just simple childhood curiosity. It’s what I was meant to do with my life.



It came to me as a young girl, often, the way I felt at peace inside when I’d touch ancient stone walls at the temple near my aunt’s home in India, the way it felt like I was connected to something… something greater than my existence… like a link of old and new, of rich and poor. It was the link I felt that needed to be threaded into everything. One that could really only be explained with the eyes and the heart. One that I knew, even back then, that I needed to explore.

Ancient Explorers is a community of people that understand the importance of finding the truths of the oldest lost civilizations and the value of these historical links between then and now… in order to ultimately help us move forward powerfully as a society, as a people, and as a global community.



For over 15 years, Mr. Martell has also been one of the leading researchers and lectures specializing in ancient civilization technologies. Mr Martell’s research has been featured worldwide on numerous television and radio networks such as The Discovery Channel, Syfy Channel, and the BBC. He is currently a regular guest on the show “Ancient Aliens” on the History Channel. His latest book “Knowledge Apocalypse” is available on Amazon.com.

Most recently Mr. Martell garnered worldwide attention by recreating a working model of one of science’s most profound mysteries – the “Baghdad Battery”. Residing in the national museum of Iraq, the discovery of this 2,000 year old device suggests the modern day battery was not invented in 1800 by Count Alassandro Volt, but was in use two millennia earlier. Mr Martell’s recreation was instrumental in proving the Baghdad Battery was capable of generating current.

Lecturing throughout the world, Mr. Martell has dedicated his studies to Ancient Artifacts, Planet X, Ancient Astronauts and the structures on Mars. Due to growing interest in his research, Mr. Martell created a network, of what is now, one of the world’s most visited websites attracting over 1 million new visitors each year. The website ranks in the “Top 10” most visited paranormal websites on the Internet according to Google.

Today, Mr. Martell is planning stages of several groundbreaking international research expeditions. The expeditions focus on gaining access to ancient locations, ancient artifacts, and other archaeological relics not currently accessible to the public. By bringing worldwide attention to these hidden artifacts, Mr. Martell hopes to usher in a new era in the Ancient Astronaut theory and the Lost Cycle Of Time.

Aside from Mr. Martell’s research and lectures, he is also the founder of Booya! Media, a successful mobile app company. Mr. Martell has founded several successful companines in the digital and mobile technology space over the last 10 years.


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  1. After learning of Dvaraka a couple years ago I became very interested in the subject of underwater cities. I understand that there are over 200 known cities under water in the Mediterranean. What I would like to see is a map of the world with the ocean level lowered to the point that the original Dvaraka would be on the coast. Then we could see where else in the world there might be other sunken cities. If we were to look at the “old” coastline near the oldest know civilizations we might be able to find other cities lost to the oceans.

    If you ever find a way to map the world with the lower sea level I would love to see it.

  2. I have one of the largest online communities on Facebook (150,000 reader per week), dedicated to ancient earth civilizations. Supporting this site is a blogtalkradio program, which has an average of 1,000 downloads each week. I would like to interview Amish Shah and get his insights into the new documentary on Dwarka. You can contact me directly at cdunning@gmail.com.


  3. Hey Amish,

    Nice work. Well i would suggest you to check Brahamshri Kumar Swami. He is the old age man and know lot about Mantra. I know you’re more into ancient explorer but check him once, you can help world better.

    If feel revert me on my email.


    Vikas R

  4. You need to provide a Customer Service capacity if you are going to charge. I just experienced difficulty on the ordering page, and am frustrated that there is no Customer Service resource!!!!!@!!

  5. Amish,
    Just watched the documentary on Dwaraka. Admire your passion and effort. You may already know about this, but check out the book by Graham Hancock called “the underworld”.
    He has gone into a lot of details on Dwaraka and why / how it went under water. There are also references in puranas and other documents about why and how Krishna went from Mathura to Dwaraka. Connection to Saraswati river is also important in the discussion of Dwaraka.

    Enjoyed your effort. Looking forward to more stuff.
    Wish you the best,

  6. Hi Amish –
    Complements on your initiatives and dedication to the subject.
    I too have been exploring, and researching past cultures and civilizations. However not through physical archeology, but the venues
    videos, books, webinars, workshops, and most rewarding channeling, and hypnosis.
    Exploration through these last two resources would add layers, and deepen the connection with the original characters who took part in those ancient cultures.
    I would like to contribute with my knowledge.
    Please contact me.

  7. Hello Dear Amish :) I am a 15 year old boy living in Pondicherry, and I am very passionate about archaeology, ancient civilisations and cultures. I really feel that I want my life to go in the direction of working with the past… I would like to know if it would be possible to volunteer and work with you ? I have previously worked in archaeology in Auroville, just next to Pondicherry, as a volunteer. Please contact me at mitiaklein24@gmail.com :) Facebook: Mitia Klein

  8. I missed the screening as I was not even aware of something like this being aired. I came to know about this today only, so, please give me some link and tell me how could I possible view it. I really want to see this, waiting for your reply eagerly.

  9. Dears,

    Come to Europe, in Romania and around and study a little bit the origins of civilization: “Sarmisegetuza, dacii, tracii, Decebal, Burebista” and their ancients.

  10. Hi
    Came across one of your YouTube videos and that led to another and another….LOL. I am quite impressed at how simply such complex topics are discussed. Thank you for creating these videos and the amazing NGO which has a cause that is close to my heart. I enjoy history. I find myself fascinated with the debate between mythology and history. Look forward to more videos and blogs.

  11. I’m sure you’ll find useful information on what happened once in India, those very old days, by reading just the titles of the books of “Dionysiaca” by Nonnus.( It is an epic in 48 books, the longest surviving poem from antiquity at 20,426 lines!) God “Dionysus drunk the Indians”, “with mighty weapons” it’s written! More about that war in Lucian (Lucianus) or search the term “India” in Perseus project or TLG, to get valid info by the ancient Greek scripts!

  12. Hi Amish
    Very nice and hard efforts to uncover the truth for our coming generations.
    I also have the same interests but I don’t have team and funds to continue.
    I am doing research on Ramayana Sites at Sri Lanka and had spent almost 25 days to find, search and visit few unexplored sites in forests of Srilanka last year. Being alone and without permissions and enough funds I couldn’t continue my research but I managed to reach “Ravna Cave, Ravna Garden, Ashok Vatika, Foot Prints of Lord Hanumana, Mata Sita Agnipreeksha place among other few secret places too. I have fotographs with me. Now I wish to visit the remaining part on Jaffna Side in Srilanka in coming year but I am looking for like minded partner/team like yours to join me and uncover all the secrets and true facts to present to great ancient country called INDIA.
    You may mail me at steelbazar@yahoo.co.in for any queries and if being positive then we may share/discuss and plan next moves.
    I wish you all the best and success in your future projects and may get full support from all over the world.
    keep in touch and keep smiling

    Satish R Bansal

    • Dear Enthusiastic Team,
      After watching the documentary in “youtube” about “Dwarka”, I am writing to you with information and a definitive fruitful news about whats in here at my place!

      I am from Sri Lanka and we recently visited with my friends for a place in Sri Lanka for a picnic.

      According to the people and history books in Sri Lanka, That was the place where our ancient great king “Ravana” lived. it is said to be he is the one who made the first flying machine in earth. He has traveled from it to India to take “Seetha” and has taken her and hidden her in a mountain over here in Sri Lanka.

      We saw there is a specific high rock up above the hills where king Ravana used to contact people from space. recently according to a test conducted by a university, it is said this place said to emit waves to outer space.

      Also there is a huge underneath rock tunnels what no one has been before where its said to be the location the space ship is kept at. and also there said to have kept information on various medicinal information that can cure many diseases in the world.

      Recently national media has also reported a team of women researchers wanted to go there but village people have avoided the entry because they were not having enough safety measures.

      There are many ancient literature available on king Ravana for you to get more idea.

      So I would take this opportunity to invite you all to come to Srilanka and discover the greatest discovery of the mankind.

      We have a very resourceful person in the country who is on the mission to find more about this location. but he does not have proper team and energetic people to start this project. i saw he speaking in the news few months ago.

      Here in Srilanka, we have a very peaceful environment. we do not have any terrorism or bad groups. we are very democratic and all people are very much educated. so you can start this project without any worries.

      few details about me, i am not a researcher or any individual engaged in archaeology or history. when i saw your you tube video it gave me a inspiration to let you all inform about whats in here. :)
      I am an Electrical and Electronics engineer in profession, graduated from London and living here in Sri Lanka.

      I am waiting for a immediate reply from you on this great mission.

      Best Regards
      Jayashan Costa

  13. Your website is intriguing and I am very interested to read your articles, since I come from Persia and have been doing my own research for many unknown facts during the past twenty years.

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