Bronze Age Discovery: Amazing 3000-year-old settlement gives up wheel!

Complete Bronze Age wheel believed to be the largest and earliest of its kind found in the UK has been unearthed The 3,000-year-old artefact was found at a site dubbed “Britain’s Pompeii”, at Must Farm in Cambridgeshire. Archaeologists have described the find – made close to the country’s “best-preserved Bronze Age dwellings” – as “unprecedented”. Still containing […]

Sunken ‘Alien Spacecraft’ under Baltic Sea still baffles experts, 5 years after discovery

The team that discovered what is today referred to as the Baltic Sea Anomaly in 2011, point out that after five years, no one has been able to identify the object which causes electronic equipment in its vicinity to malfunction.     This article first appeared on Ancient Code. It turns out that there is […]

100,000 Year Old Ruins of South Africa

Photo by M Tellinger

This article first appeared on and is written by Micheal Tellinger. The history of southern Africa is one of the great untold stories of the world. It has remained a guarded mystery by traditional knowledge keepers and African shaman for thousands of years. But in 2003 everything changed with the accidental and serendipitous discovery […]

A Species with Amnesia: The forgotten timeline of Planet Earth after the Great Flood

Are humans really a species with amnesia? Is it true that there is a forgotten historic timeline of our planet? A timeline ignored by mainstream historians? According to several theories, and historical records, the answer is YES. Interestingly, numerous cultures around the globe speak of a time when our planet was struck by a great […]

Ancient Fourni archipelago ship graveyard reveals 45 wrecks spanning thousands of years

Ulysses and the Sirens, 1909 by Draper, Herbert James (1864-1920). Ancient mythology had many supernatural explanations for dangerous waterways. FRESH surveys of ancient Greece’s ‘Bermuda Triangle’ have revealed 45 wrecks strewn among a remote outcrop of rocky islands. And many more may yet be found. “These 45 shipwrecks demonstrate the truly exceptional significance of the […]

Snowden Explains Why We Miss Aliens’ Messages: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Edward Snowden said that encryption is probably the only thing stopping us from talking to aliens. He joined Neil deGrasse Tyson’s StarTalk podcast in early September 2015, and revealed that he thinks aliens might be sending out signals right now, but they’d be impossible to detect. This is not the first time Snowden, or files that he’s […]

Sumerian Texts: Do These Tablets Reveal Secrets About Alien Life?

Sumerian Texts 1- Cuneiform

In 1849, Sir Austen Henry Layard, English Archaeologist and global explorer, found himself among the ruins of ancient Bablyon in southern Mesopotamia. It was there he discovered the first pieces of what would eventually become one of Archaeology’s most controversial puzzles: Cuneiform Tablets. Within this incredible ancient text are stories that have an uncanny resemblance […]

250 Million Year Old Microchip Discovered In Russia!?


This article first appeared in and is written by Ivan Petricevic Researchers have made another incredible discovery in Labinsk, Russia. According to scholars this discovery marks the beginning of a completely new history, one that many ancient alien theorists have been talking about for years. The object that researchers have found is believed to […]