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Dear Ancient Explorer,

The field of ancient wisdom, technology & civilizations is evolving every day. But are you?

As you read this, new artifacts are being unearthed… many that shine light on age-old unsolved mysteries.

New studies are being conducted, often unannounced by the mass media… some unearthing revelations that could rearrange mankind's very perception of reality.

And new clues and theories are being pieced together at an alarming rate… some which may shatter all preconceived notions of human origins.

Hosted By Ancient Explorers Founder Amish Shah & Acclaimed Researcher Jason Martell:

For instance, you may not have heard that...

  • The precession of the equinox was tracked by over 30 ancient cultures that were aware of a larger cycle of time...
  • New archaeological discoveries found around the globe are pushing back the date of human origins and civilization...
  • Scientific advances in the study of our solar system point to the fact we have 2 suns in a 24,000 year orbit around each other...
  • The ancients knew that time is cyclical and not linear and tracked this 24,000 cycle which also seems to cause the rise and fall of civilization on earth...
  • Recent artifacts found supporting the ancient astronaut theory that ancient man witnessed high technology first hand...

That’s just a miniscule example of what’s going on.

But the challenge is, you won't find most of this information on your average mainstream website, newspaper or blog.

And there's a high chance you're too busy to search for itself.

That's where we come in. Because we're committed to keeping you informed and empowered… through a convenient and credible one-stop resource for all your ancient wisdom needs.

Give Yourself The Gift Of Wisdom With Ancient Explorers Premium: A Monthly Discovery Program Featuring Firsthand Accounts From The World’s Leading Researchers, Authors, Archaeologists & Scientists.

The Ancient Explorers are on a mission to unearth the hidden truths behind the origins of mankind and our uncertain future.

That’s why we’ve partnered with some of the world’s leading experts to help fund, expedite and spread their studies and discoveries to the world.

Ancient Explorers Premium is a continuous learning curriculum that gives you in-depth lessons on this otherwise untouchable information.

Every month, you'll get a selection of expert interviews and other content videos covering a variety of pressing topics: like Dwarka, Pyramids, ancient technology, megalithic structures, the cycles of times, or even extraterrestrial life.

Once a month, you’ll also receive an in-depth video tutorial with our official host Jason Martell. In this video, Jason will guide you through the latest ancient discoveries, theories and personal insights that have made him a mainstay on the Discovery Channel and History Channel (except some of what he'll share on these sessions would be too controversial for either of those channels).

You’ll have unrestricted access to our entire database of painstakingly detailed Location Reports revealing ancient hotspots across the globe: from forgotten cities to baffling ruins. This is a priceless resource you can use to broaden your knowledge and even piece together trails and clues.

You’ll gain the keys to our vault of expert interviews, featuring uncensored dialogues with some of the world’s leading researchers, authors and archaeologists in the ancient wisdom movement. We’ve worked around the clock to secure these exclusive recordings, and they’re available nowhere else but here.

You’ll get insider-only invites to join us on future Ancient Explorers expeditions (travel and accommodation costs not included), and help us unearth the secrets of earth’s most mysterious ancient locations. You’ll even get the chance to vote on our next trip location.

Other Premium Perks Include:

  • Voting rights for future expeditions
  • Full Ancient Explorers Forum privileges
  • A monthly membership newsletter
  • Free early bird documentary screenings
  • Exclusive discounts for future live events
  • Surprise bonus reports, videos and more

Ancient Explorers Premium Immerses You In Today's Most Crucial Topics, Including:

  • Ancient Civilizations
  • The Mars-Earth Connection
  • Sound & Vibration Technology
  • Megalithic Structures
  • Ancient Aliens & UFOs
  • Primitive Gods
  • Historical Architecture
  • Planet X
  • Ancient Astronomy
  • Time Cycles
  • Power Grids
  • Paranormal Locations

A Coveted Cast Of The World's Leading Researchers, Authors, Archaeologists & Scientists.

These Are The Visionaries Who'll Be Training You Every Month:

  • Gregg Braden

  • Michael Cremo

  • Michael Tellinger

  • Jason Martell

  • Brien Foerester

  • Hugh Newman

  • Walter Cruttenden

  • Jordan Maxwell

  • Mike Bara

  • David Sereda

  • Giorgio Tsukolous

  • Amish Shah

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  • The Secret Origins Of The Kaaba's Black Stone
  • The Tantalizing Mystery Of The Bermuda Triangle
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