From Opera to Hip Hop | The Evolution of Headphones

by Alessandra Sorrentino

From Opera to Hip Hop | The Evolution of Headphones

Do you know that headphones have been around for centuries?  In the 1880’s, headphones were used to communicate with one another and listen to music. Sound familiar? The very first headphones were actually very bulky and heavy, and only well-off people could afford the luxury of owning a pair. 

Fact 1.
The first electrophone system, similar to a stethoscope was used by rich people to listen to music in the opera right at their house in the 1880's. 
Fact  2.
Nathaniel Baldwin was the first person who invented the headphone that is the most similar to what we think of now. Baldwin never thought they would be such a hit, therefore never registered for a patent. His invention was so unique that the US Navy placed an order for 100 units of the so called “Baldy Phones”.
Fact 3.
The man credited with producing the first stereo headphones was John C. Koss.
Fact 4.
Headphones are sometimes known as "earspeakers" or "cans". 
Fact 5.
The most expensive pair of headphones are owned by Rapper Lil Wayne. These diamond-studded "cans" cost one million dollars!

Alessandra Sorrentino
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