Why this trip is like no other adventure you have ever been on

by Puja Shah July 17, 2017

Why this trip is like no other adventure you have ever been on

You have been wanting to go on an adventure, a journey, that combines world renowned sites, idyllic beach settings, rich culture and out of this world delicious food with people that are on the same wavelength as you.

You want to get out of the everyday grind, meet others who share your drive and can help you uncover your best self.

Truth seekers, visionaries, explorers and interesting new friends from all over the world sound like good company.

World Heritage sites, cultural cities, countryside mountains, ancient temples and pristine beaches...feels like it would be the perfect vacation.

But there’s more…

Imagine the whole experience is led by an Inc. 500 Entrepreneur, a globetrotting treasure hunter, an explorer of consciousness, a gatherer of tribes (and a loving family man) with a dream to reconnect you with your human perfection...alongside his wife, whose doctorate and yoga training plus her internationally recognized guided meditations, aim to provide you with spiritual clarity...

You see, it’s a trip that is based on a collective consciousness...for inspiration, support, and wisdom.

And it’s more than just a trip with the founders of Ancient Explorers Amish and Puja Shah.

It’s an adventure, like no other adventure you have ever been on. While your experience will include riding waves and exploring ancient land...it will also have you explore the realm of your inner world.


The adventure begins in Cambodia, at Angkor Wat, the largest religious monument ever built. A UNESCO World Heritage site, this massive temple is simply breathtaking. You will get to experience these ruins, set deep in a thick jungle plus visit the famous Ancient Elephant Terrace and see local villages and shrines as a truly transportive experience.

Then you move on to Thailand to see the Buddhist pilgrimage sites of Bangkok, have a blessing ceremony and visit riverfront sites in Chiang Mai. You will even experience the fun of an Elephant Nature Park.

You go on to the paradise of Phi Phi Island, where yoga, meditation, cooking classes, hiking, kayaking, massage and snorkeling await you.

Each day is infused with breakout sessions, group meditations or yoga and there is time for you to let it all soak in...meaning the sun and soul.

Hand crafted and lovingly pieced together, it’s a journey you (and your heart) will not want to miss.

Limited spots available, click here for details and booking! 

Puja Shah
Puja Shah


Puja Shah is a philanthropist and visionary poet who shares her voice with us through written and spoken word, guided meditations, and teaching. She reaches out to community health clinics and provides international outreach to women and children around the world.



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